Enterprise Integration Patterns

Today’s business applications rarely live in isolation. Users expect instant access to all business functions an enterprise can offer, regardless of which system the functionality may reside in. This requires disparate applications to be connected into a larger, integrated solution. This integration is usually achieved through the use of some form of “middleware”. Middleware provides the “plumbing” such as data transport, data transformation, and routing.

Patterns are a proven way to capture experts’ knowledge in fields where there are no simple “one size fits all” answers, such as application architecture, object-oriented design, or message-oriented integration . Each pattern poses a specific design problem, discusses the considerations surrounding the problem, and presents an elegant solution that balances the various forces or drivers.

Virtuoso365 High Level Pattern


Use Case for Video  Order



Virtuoso365 Foundation

Virtuoso is built on Apache Camel and Apache AtiveMQ foundation.

camel-box-small         activemq-5_x-box-reflection